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Tutor technology revolutionized

How does Pundits work?

Student snaps a photo of their homework

Connects with a tutor via Pundits Livestream Canvas

Students rewatch sessions and share them with friends!

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Why Pundits?

You earn. They learn.

Get paid for helping students find the solutions to their problems.

Work your own hours.

We provide you tools, support, and training.

Tutor anywhere.

All you need is an iPad, Wifi, and the Pundits Tutor app.

Tutor technology revolutionized

How does it work?

1. Students snap photos of their
homework problems.

2. Choose to accept or decline incoming student questions.

3. Tutor through Pundits Livestream Canvas and get paid in-app!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to become a Pundits tutor?

Please complete the quick form on this site and we’ll be in touch with a more detailed application form. If you meet the initial criteria, we will send you a follow up email inviting you to complete subject tests. If you pass the subject test(s), we will finalize your hire with basic logistical pieces including a contract. You do not need to pass all subject tests to be hired.

What do I need to tutor for Pundits?

An ipad and a strong wi-fi connection! Some of our tutors like to use a stylus, as well, however it is not mandatory.

How do I complete a subject test?

In order to complete your application to be a Pundits tutor, you must complete a subject test in each subject you wish to tutor. To do so, you must download the Pundits Tutor app from the App Store and sign up for an account. Once you are in the app, you will be able to complete tests one by one. Before doing so, make sure your mic is on and Pundits app is enabled full access to ensure you do not submit a silent application.

What do students see/hear?

Students see everything you write on the whiteboard and they hear everything you say (and everything you hear in your background). It is important you work from a quiet space, and even more important that your explanations are audible, legible and clear.

What are you looking for in a Pundits tutor?

We are looking for experts in their fields who also have a charismatic and easy teaching style. Students on are app are not just looking for answers, but to deepen their understanding of challenging concepts. Tutors should be talking to students in a personable way, explaining as they go. It is very important that tutors make ample use of both visual and audio components of the app to engage their students.

Do I have to complete a background check?

Yes. All tutors who work for Pundits will have to complete a background check.

What subjects do you need tutors for?

Pundits is currently hiring math tutors with expertise in Algebra I, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Geometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus. We will soon be expanding to offer Chemistry and Physics, as well.

What is the hourly rate for tutoring?

Pundits offers a competitive rate of $30/hr.

What do i do if app crashes at the home screen?

As apps and technology are sometimes finicky, it’s important to ensure that you have a strong internet connection and that your Pundits app is updated to the latest version. If you are unsure, you can uninstall and re-install the app. If problems persist, please contact our Support Team at

How do I accept student questions?

When you are in your Pundits app, set yourself to “available” by toggling the button on the upper righthand corner so it appears green. Once you are “available,” you will  be able to see student questions come through in any of the subjects for which you have been approved. You can preview the question by clicking on the photo prior to accepting it. If you are ready to accept the question, click the accept button.

How do I get paid?

Pundits tutors enter their bank information into the app. Our payments system is powered by Stripe, which ensures all billing information and transfers are subject to the latest security protocols. Note: Once you enter your bank information in the app, you still have to verify it. You will receive an email from Pundits asking to verify your account. You must do so to receive payments, or they will not be processed.

When does the session begin?

Sessions begin as soon as you click accept. Please be sure to greet the student and write a quick greeting on the whiteboard so he can tell that you’ve properly connected. Please beware of accepting questions and then entering long, awkward pauses at the beginning of sessions, which creates dead air and a bad experience for the student on the other end.

How do I get notifications that students are on the app?

When you set your in-app status to available on the upper righthand corner of the screen, you will see questions come through. If you leave the app, but remain set to available, you will receive push notifications to your iPad letting you know of new student questions. If you are set to unavailable, you will not see these push notifications, however. Additionally, you can also opt-in to receive text notifications alerting you that a new question is available on the app.

Can I preview student questions before accepting them?

Yes. Please click on the image next to the student question to see it enlarged.

Is it better to answer right away or prep the session first?

Do not answer sessions before you are ready to teach them, as this results in a lot of dead air for the student. Keep in mind that Pundits charges students by the minute, so efficiency is important.

How long should I take to answer a student?

It depends on the difficulty level of the question, but generally 6-8 minutes is a good rule of thumb. Some easier questions can take 2-3 minutes and some more difficult or multi-step questions maybe take 10-12. Do not belabor points to increase your session payment. These sessions will likely get low ratings by our students who are looking for accessibility and convenience on our app.

How do I get more space when I’m typing?

You can hit “clear page,” to completely clear the page. You can also just erase certain parts of the page and continue writing. You can use a variety of colors to clarify your point, as well. Pundits allows you to refer back to previous pages, so you do not lose anything, even if you hit clear.

What happens with completed sessions?

Students are able to watch their session as a video in their feed. Everything you do from accepting the question to the point of ending it is recorded. Completed sessions remain on their feeds. You can also view them as a reference. At the end of all sessions, you will receive a receipt via email letting you know how much you earned. Students are also prompted to rate the session.

The first of its kind

Pundits Livestream Canvas

Better than simple texting or messaging and safer than face-to-face streaming, Pundits Livestream Canvas allows a student to see what her tutor writes on a virtual "white board," listen to her audio explanation, and respond back with questions. The best part? No need to take notes: each live session is recorded and can be rewatched and shared.

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What students and parents are saying


"I’ve tried other educational apps, but Pundits offers a uniquely personalized experience. With Pundits, I can get the help I need with my individual questions. Pundits is the app that every student dreams of having when stuck on a difficult problem."

Ryan S.

Recently, my daughter was alerted to Pundits by a friend. The process couldn't have been simpler, and most importantly, more effective than traditional tutoring. She simply logged on, found the expert she required, and received precisely the help she needed. The results were fantastic and nearly instantaneous! If only Pundits had been around ten years ago, I could've been spared countless hours of anxiety!

Monica H.

Pundits is easy to use and a real lifesaver when you get stuck on homework. You can just take a picture of each question you have and submit it. You don’t even have to wait for one question to be answered before uploading another, and you can come back and view the solution anytime.

Victoria T.

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